Sustainable Lifestyles

For Urban People

Learn how to make a difference today!

+100%    quality of life

- 50%    emissions

- 40%    expenses



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    For the curious
    1. How big is my ecological footprint? How does it affect my life and the environment? 2. What is a really sustainable lifestyle and how can I live it? 3. Why living sustainably isn’t hippie but hip, cool and profitable.
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    For the initiative
    1. What is healthy and ecological food? Three principles, lots of tips and cool apps 2. Where do I get sustainable, fair and fashionable clothing & textiles 3. Why sustainable homes and means of transportation are good for your health and for your bank account
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    For the profound
    1. The history of materialism and why we want more than we need 2. The fallacy of our economies and how the debt system is destroying life on earth 3.Understand how media, social media and commercials shape your opinion
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    For the pros
    1. Produce your own: food, cleaners, hygiene products 2. Zero Waste + Minimalism: a great lifestyle 3. Database: interactive apps to help you buy biological products in bulk; places to share, fix, exchange and repair; tips on how to invest time and money
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    For the informed
    1. Films & events on social and environmental issues. 2. Articles, books, blogs & websites on social and environmental issues. 3. How to inform yourself: be smart and efficient.





Ticket® workshops

are designed according to the UNEP framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles
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We are professionals dedicated to improving resource efficiency by changing consumer's behavior.

Overconsumption is the main cause for climate change and rapid decrease of biodiversity.

We help people understand that all living things and the elements need to be in balance in order to make life on this planet prosper.