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We offer the instruments for change

    The Zero Waste Peninsula project designs a future zero-waste and circular community in a region without proper waste management in Brazil.
  2. Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator
    Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator
    The SLA-Project aims to accelerate behavioral change within households promoting sustainable lifestyles on a big scale in 7 countries.
  3. pirate_sites
    A cradle to cradle, modular, mobile tiny-home project providing food, energy, water and land autonomy to an urban zero-waste lifestyle community.

future.camp® is a Swiss non-profit ltd. company dedicated to social & environmental education.

It uses a secularized notion of progress where the reintegration of nature into human societies is key.


future.camp® cooperates with the UN Sustainable Lifestyles Programme and designs its services according to the 
UNEP Framework for Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles published by the United Nations Environment Programme, 2016.

future.camp® initiatives are part of the 10YFP Programs and are listed on the

Investing in future.camp®

  1. Eco-Technologies
    future.camp® offers consultancy on sustainable building technologies and zero-waste operations for housing and hospitality projects.
  2. SDG's
    Join a growing community taking action on the Sustainable Development Goals. future.camp® is a strong driver for 12 and 13.
  3. Circular Economy
    Circular Economy
    Boost circular economy solutions for a prosperous future of a growing population on a planet with limited resources.
  4. Education
    Support a civil education program designed to shift consumers and clients to become sustainable humans.

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