future.camp®​  - promoting sustainable lifestyles

Be the change you want to see in the world. Practice what you preach.
Start now and keep up the lifelong process of becoming a sustainable human.

​​future.camp® is a Swiss non-profit ltd. company
dedicated to social & environmental education

The future.camp® VISION is based on a deep belief in human action. ​​
It understands human progress as a fragile concept worth of investing all of our hearts and brains.

Our approach is to induce the shift from mere "consumers" to sustainable humans.

We showcase solutions while individuals test and choose what works best for their impact.


  1. Green Technologies
    Green Technologies
    future.camp® develops and showcases sustainable building technologies and zero-waste operations for hospitality businesses. Be progressive.
  2. SDG's
    Join the community taking action on Sustainable Development Goals. future.camp® aims to be a strong driver on numbers 12 and 13.
  3. Circular Economy
    Circular Economy
    Circular Economy is the big hope for a prosperous future society with limited resources and a growing population. Become a developer of its strategy.
  4. Education
    future.camp®'s education program provides solutions to shift consumers and clients to become sustainable humans. Become a social booster.


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