Gabriele Kull - founder & board director
Gabriele holds a Master in German and English Literature and Linguistics, University of Zürich, Switzerland. Gabriele is a journalist, documentary filmmaker, and expert in teaching sustainable lifestyles. She has been developing and implementing® Sustainable Lifestyle Education projects as part of the UN Sustainable Lifestyles Programme since 2015.

The® formats comply with the UNEP Framework for Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles of the United Nations Environment Programme, 2016. The® approach is primarily based on the training of sufficient, sustainable, cooperative and social behaviors, which Gabriele specializes in and implements in her private and professional life.
Simon Gisler - Startegy & Project Development
Simon brings a business perspective into the® projects. He has work experience in project management for startups and management consultancy in the corporate sector. Simon is involved in several associations working in the field of sustainability and had a recent immersive Gaia training on regenerative communities. Simon holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in NGO-Management & Political Science.  At® he is involved in projects in the field of sufficiency and behavioral change, especially the Gipfelstürmer-Program.
Anja Umbach-Daniel - Scientific Advisor
Anja holds a Master in Sociology and Political Sciences. Her work focuses on the two SDG's 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action.  

Anja supports the Sustainable Lifestyle Accelerator-Project and the Gipfelstürmer-Programm as Scientific advisor. She is project manager at Rütter Soceco where she develops and manages national and international research projects in the field of sustainable lifestyles, energy efficiency and sufficiency.