Large-Scale Zero Waste Projects

   What is PLZ?

PLZ stands for Península Lixo Zero, in English "Zero Waste Peninsula". The program was developed by® together with residents, businesses and organizations that already operate on the Peninsula of Maraú in Bahia, Brazil.

The objective is to radically improve the waste management on the peninsula, eliminating illegal dumping into a sensitive mangrove area. The term "zero waste" derives from "zero waste to landfill", which is the longterm goal of the program.

The "zero waste home" concept will be promoted with households, schools and businesses to solve the severe pollution problem, that threatens peoples' health, water safety, and the natural environment. It starts with the simplified separation of organic and non-organic waste along with a strong incentive to reverse logistics and avoidance of waste in general. Specialized coaches will visit homes, schools, and businesses, teaching home composting and local zero waste solutions.

An organic recycling center with the name "Circular Village" will be built in order to receive all organic resources which cannot be home-composted. The Circular Village shall be a center of production, research, and education, promoting zero waste solutions as well as being a living example for the circular economy. It shall share knowledge and sell circular products to residents, visitors, and businesses, such as organic food, fertilizer, biogas, soaps, and compostable items.

The PLZ team will also be engaged in finding solutions for the correct destination of recyclables, residual and toxic waste to safe areas outside of the peninsula. The main goal shall be to establish a functioning reverse logistics system, where packaging and recipients of goods delivered to the peninsula shall be returned to the seller, reseller or recycler. 

Currently, there are 10 zero-waste-coaches working on the peninsula. They've been trained in April 2019 during an immersive course with® and Inkiri experts on behavioral change and zero waste techniques.

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