living lab Zakynthos, Greece
​a visionary holiday experience

the comfort of a serviced home
the benefits of a lab

Homes® living lab hotel® consists of stylish, low impact model homes.
Built into and from local rock - with revolutionary technologies and cradle to cradle® elements -
the buildings neutralize their carbon footprint.


   Each house is an autonomous system providing green energy, food and drinking water.
Natural temperature regulation is achieved by cave-like design into rocky ground.
Chemical-free, glass-bottom rooftop pools allow natural lighting and an exceptional interior atmosphere


Each unit contains a vertical garden, an aquaponics pond and a fully equipped kitchen. 
Visitors are motivated to grow and cook their own food and exchange products with each other.
Specialized employees support with knowledge and make activities easy and fun.


The living lab hotel® educates visitors and promotes sustainable lifestyles. ​​
Infrastructure and operation showcase the 5-R principle (refuse - reduce - reuse - replace - recycle).
Specialized coaches offer daily workshops at the units and around the island.


living lab hotel® Zakynthos is spacious, quiet and remote.
It offers terraces with groves and lounges as retreats for privacy and contemplation.
Our tour guides offer low carbon activities around the island such as wood-biking, canoeing, horse riding, climbing, cave diving, green pottery, grape harvesting or olive oil production.
Our visionary resorts offer practical solutions to environmental problems.

Tourists learn to reduce their ecological footprint
while practicing new behaviors 
and living in 100% sustainable homes.

At living lab hotels® visitors of all ages and social backgrounds
playfully get in touch with game-changing eco-technologies
and  offbeat solutions to ecological problems.

They return home with new vigor and the instruments for change. 



Anthropogenic climate change is a reality. Scientific prospects show, that if we continue exploiting our planet's natural resources we will be heading towards self-extinction. Policymakers around the world are acknowledging the facts and taking action. But why do billions of citizens stay passive? Because they don't understand their role in the game.® demonstrates people's impact on climate change. Our workshops teach solutions to avoid overconsumption - the main cause for ecological instability. Our visionary housing models (living lab Zakynthos, living lab Zürich and LIVETOGETHER offer the perfect setting to train and permanently adopt a sustainable lifestyle. 
NOTE:® living lab is a project in development
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