experience new behaviors

quality of life

ecologocal footprint


 a sustainable lifestyle improves your wellbeing: it reduces stress, waste and economic dependency - builds up respect and values
changing your impact from negative to positive
is acting against overconsumption and climate change
improve resource efficiency and save money. To be rich means to spend less on things you don't need and more on a good self


test solutions

sl workshops

living lab hotel®

zero-waste hotel®

knowledge is power 
but it's worth nothing 
if you don't know how to
translate it into action 
active real life  experience
makes us change behavior.
by seeing, doing and touching
we learn to make our choices
overconsumption and
throw-away mentality 
can be easily solved by
zero-waste concepts


implement solutions 

living lab villages®


act workshops

for those who want to put into practice what they have learned and go all the way to zero-waste and auto-sufficiency
adventurers and global communicators travel around the world as role-modeds on an self-sufficient zero-waste vessel
longterm learning, specification of concepts of circular and degrowht economy, perfectioning of the Cradle to Cradle® concepts, etc.

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